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    Not everyone is fully aware of their own gender situation at a given age. While the 'classic' transsexual commonly knows their gender status from earliest awareness, even for them, this information can become suppressed or lost due to trauma and the need to survive. Gender dysphoria is a spectrum, and the vast majority of transsexuals are not 'classic' types. Most transsexuals have varying degrees of motivation with regard to their gender issues, and many do not reach a crisis point until late in life.

    Because early, youthful action on the matter produces the most positive results, it is imperative that understanding and self definition be reached as soon as possible. This self definition must be real, however, because the journey between the sexes is one way only.

    This gender test center exists to provide tools to help the user to gain insight into themselves, and to suggest a direction for investigation. No tool here can give a diagnosis or answer any dilemma, but they can indicate tendencies and provide some basis for further investigation.

    May You Come To Know What You Want!.

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